Teachers like me prefer to think of ourselves as professionals—practitioners of a profession. We’re not. Teaching is not a profession.  It could be one. It should be one. What makes a profession? Outside of sports and entertainment, what do you think of when you think of a professional—doctors in medicine, lawyers in law, accountants in, […]

This year, I piloted Standards-Based Grading (SBG) in my Physics 1 classes. At this point, I would rank it as one of the top two changes I’ve made during my 26-year teaching career—the other being Modeling Instruction. Because of SBG, my teaching is more focused, my assessments are far better, and the emphasis is now […]

Why? I teach physics and I’m a modeler, as in I use Modeling Instruction in Physics™, and for a few years I’ve been bothered by some things. First of all, teaching with modeling takes time. A lot of time. This makes sense because it takes longer to get students to figure something out for themselves […]

Why do we learn? While co-leading a workshop on Modeling Instruction in Physics over the past few weeks, this question has confronted my teacher-students continually. In Modeling Instruction, which you can learn about here, students are elicited to make observations and ask questions about a presented phenomenon, then conduct and investigation of their own design […]